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You can cover both your contents and your liability as a tenant. However if you’re simply looking to cover just your liability as a tenant, HomeLet Tenancy Liability Cover will do just that.

Protect you Landlord’s Possessions: Tenancy Liability

What would you do if…

    • You knocked an iron over and burned your landlord’s carpet?
    • Someone trips over the oven door, breaking the glass?
    • A bottle fell from the bathroom cabinet and cracked the sink?

Accidents like this happen all too often, so if you’ve recently signed a tenancy agreement you might have been asked by your letting agent to cover your liability as a tenant.

If an accident does happen, HomeLet Tenancy Liability will cover you for up to £5,000 of damage to anything you are held responsible for within your tenancy agreement, it’s really as simple as that. 

Key benefits include:

    • £5,000 to cover your liability as a tenant
    • Cover for you, your partner and all members of your family who permanently live in your home


So, if you accidently damage your landlord’s possessions 

HomeLet will pay out so you don’t have to!


Would you like to cover your contents?

If you’re moving home you might have realised just how many possessions you have to move with you, you may even know what rooms you want to put them in, but you have considered the cost of replacing them if something unexpected were to happen?

That’s where a HomeLet Tenant’s Contents insurance+ policy can help – with cover for your contents in case they’re damaged or stolen from your home.

HomeLet can offer you affordable, comprehensive insurance solutions that not only help to protect you own belongings, but also your liability as a tenant too, just when you need it the most.

Key benefits

    • Cover for your liability as a tenant – so if you accidentally damage your landlord’s property, furniture, fittings and fixtures we’ll cover you up to £5,000
    • Cover for you and your family – we’ll automatically cover you, your partner and all members of your and their family, permanently living in your home
    • Cover against fire, flood and theft – so if something unexpected happens you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

What you’re covered for

    • Accidental damage to your TV, audio, video, DVD and personal computer equipment
    • Valuables like jewellery are covered up to 33% of the total sum insured
    • Pedal cycles up to £200
    • Money and credit cards up to £100 each
    • Contents in your garage, shed or outbuildings up to £500
    • Cost of changing locks if your keys are stolen, up to £250
    • Cover for your frozen food if your freezer breaks down, up to £250

 Additional extras

As well as covering your contents in the home we can also offer you a range of additional extras:

    • Additional cover for your bicycle if it’s worth more than £200 or when you take it out and about
    • Protection for the things that you can’t leave the house without, such as your iPod, laptop, and digital camera
    • Cover for those extra special items that are worth over £1000, where you are in the world.

If you decide you’d like to benefit from having a Tenant’s Insurance please click the link below.